Syrinx – Our Water Treatment Services and Solutions

Our comprehensive range of water treatment solutions encompasses industry-standard technologies for industrial-, municipal- and household applications. These include water softening, UV-, activated carbon-, mechanical filters; iron- & manganese-, mineral removal systems, reverse osmosis systems, drinking water installations, chlorine dioxide generator, etc.

Our firm is supporting you in finding a solution starting from your project’s inception. Our colleagues deploy on-site to discuss the envisaged system directly with your responsible team. This helps us to identify and specify early on the best solution.

Leveraging partnerships with leading chemical labs, we meticulously analyse the feedwater’s physical, chemical and biological properties in your system.

With three decades of experience – based on the results of the previously mentioned water & project analysis – we draw up the engineering plan and design intended for your project. This blueprint comprises all of the necessary elements as well as the functioning description of the water treatment system.

This document serves as the stepstone for the next step in the process, namely the procurement of all the high-quality sub-systems from trusted manufacturers necessary for the installation & commissioning of the entire water treatment system.

We have been working together with a wide array of best-in-class manufacturers and global distributors to always stay ahead of our competitors and to be able to provide flexible solution tailored to the needs of our customers. This multi-sourcing approach allows us to meet project-specific requirements of quality, delivery time and price.

Naturally the installation of the water treatment system proposed by us is part of our core offering. Our proven track record demonstrates our capability nationwide: more than 1,000 systems for 500+ clients over the last 30 years. There basically no empty spot in entire Romania and you can be sure that we can present a reference project in your area.

Our clientele comprises of several international customers as well as smaller, family-owned companies from a wide range of industries including food & beverage, energy (e.g. nuclear power plants, hydro power plants, heating & cooling industry), industrial manufacturing, healthcare, municipal (potable water) and other related industries.

Our support does not stop with the commissioning of the water treatment system, but we offer adjacent after-sales services such as maintenance, repair and replacement of consumables (e.g. resin, salt, etc.). Hence we can revive, improve and make functional out-dated, undersized or malfunctioning systems too. Even if the system was not designed and installed by us, we support our clients in serving their needs.